Troubleshooting Guide for AAT Bioquest Device Cloud Software

Q. Software displays "No devices found" even when instrument is plugged into the computer
A. A couple of steps can be taken to attempt to resolve this issue:
  1. Try disconnecting and then reconnecting the USB cable connecting the instrument to the computer.
  2. Try restarting the Device Cloud software by opening the Advanced Configuration Menu, clicking "Quit" and then re-opening the software.
  3. Open up the computer's "Control Panel" and select "View devices and printers". You should see the AAT Bioquest instrument under "Unspecified" devices as its device name. If it is listed as an unidentified device, right-click the device and select "Troubleshoot".
  4. If the AAT Bioquest instrument does not display its product name (ie. CytoCite Fluorometer), this means the device was not installed properly on the computer or that it is missing required drivers. Make sure that you click "yes" to install required dependencies when the Device Cloud software first runs.
  5. If the device does not show up in the "Device and Printers" window, this means that there is a hardware connection problem. This could be due to a faulty USB cable or faulty USB port. For further assistance, please contact
Q. How can I use Device Cloud without creating a Device Cloud account?
A. AAT Bioquest Device Cloud software can be placed in "offline mode" using a local account in cases where the computer lacks internet access or if you do not wish to associate data with a Device Cloud account. "Offline mode" can be access by selecting "Offline mode" from the Advanced Login Options Menu located on the Sign In Panel. If you are already logged in, you must sign out first to reach the Sign In Panel.

Q. How can I delete/rename series/sample names?
A. To delete/rename a series:
  • Open the Active Device Panel for the device containing the data you are trying to modify. On the right-hand list, right-click the series you wish to edit or delete.
  • Open the Series Selection Panel by clicking "View all samples" on the Device Cloud Main Panel
    • Select a row, or multiple rows, and press the "delete" key to delete the row(s)
    • Click the series name twice, or click once and press the "F2" key, type in the new series name and then press the "enter" key to save
To delete/rename a sample:
Q. The reading results keep displaying "Failed to complete"
A. There could be several reasons that the results output "Failed to complete":
  • There is no sample in the instrument's sample chamber.
  • There is less sample volume than the minimum required for the instrument.
  • The sample solution is not homogeneous or contains particulates.
  • There is vibrational disturbance near the device (ie. motors, humming instruments, etc.).
  • There is an electrical power source near the device (ie. power strip, power adapter, etc.).
  • For additional assistance, please contact

This document was last revised 2019-02-18